About Me

A Little Bit of Who I Am! 


Hello! My name is Rachael McDonald, a mum of 2 from Montrose, Scotland!

I have a 4 year old girl called Frankie and a 4 month old called William (4 year generations of the name William!).

I am married (5 years now), work full time as a QA Manager at an oil company and have 4 Golden Retriever dogs. 

I am currently on maternity leave and trying to raise 2 kids without going crazy, so I thought, why not blog about it? As if I have nothing else to do?? So I hope some of my blog posts help out any expectant parents, already parents, grannies, mums, dads or just anyone who wants to learn how wild raising kids can be.  

I hope some of my blogs help you with any answers you were searching for, I found when I was pregnant I was constantly searching through blogs to make sure I was prepared for both babies so I hope my blogs help you or others around you! 

Rachael x